„Die Zeit ist zu kostbar um sie

mit falschen Dingen zu verschwenden“

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Marco Bicego "The inspiration behind the creation of my jewels is rooted in my Venetian origins and the natural settings surrounding my territory. I have always believed in quality and in the secrets of Italian jewelry. The Marco Bicego brand combines old world tradition with contemporary design and conveys the typical values and details of Made in Italy."




deakin & francis


As a well-respected British brand, Deakin & Francis design and manufacture some of the worlds finest cufflinks and quality, handmade accessoires. There are classic and quirky Sterling Silver pieces and an innovativ collection of designs that have been precision engineered.




Rodania 1930


Rodania has come a long way since it was founded in 1930. Since 2015, its parent group, the Montebi, has once again been in Belgian hands. Rodania is standing on the brink to occupy a niche in the market as strong standing SWISS MADE brand appealing to a young audience. Quality and design remain the brand’s essential cornerstones.





Manfred Cracco


A Rodania subbrand aimed at the raw ones, the non-luxury yet conscious watch buyers.

Inspired by Manfred Aebi, rebel and avant-garde marketer who took charge of the Rodania brand in 1951 at young age and was key to its success, the perfect representation of the Manfred+Cracco spirit.




Rodania styles Samsung


The iconic Swiss watch brand RODANIA and South Korean technology giant SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS teamed up for an unique and exclusive project. RODANIA designed different looks to match the SAMSUNG  GALAXY GEAR S2 CLASSIC SMARTWATCH: A contemporary piece of intelligent technologiy combined with a classic sense for style.







Happy girls are the prettiest.

When your kids enjoy every single moment of life with a smile on

their face — that is the Nona Mini Me Philosophy.

This MINI ME collection is made of Sterling Silver and enamel.